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This quarter's product reviews include Motorcycle Decals, Accessory LED lighting for motorcycles and vehicles, and our main event,  Home based multi-media systems. 

Our reviews concentrate on what is right about the products featured herein.   If a product does not meet review standards, we simply do not publish the results.   It should be noted that PTL does not evaluate or verify the content of the articles submitted herein, and that we do not provide actual labratory testing on any product unless specifically noted in the article body.   We can not verify the validity of these articles herein and therefor can not confirm or substantiate that the statements herein are true.   These articles are provided to as an expression of the articles author and this expression may or may not be accurate.  You must NOT RELY on information herein as your source for making an informed decision.  

While some scientific or lab data may be used in product evaluations, we strive to maintain an informal format for useful information which should be used as part of your decision making process in the goods and services you purchase.  We do not imply, directly or intentionally, that our views are always accurate nor do we generally evaluate a product for it's safety, durability or suitability for purpose.  You, the consumer must make informed decisions and we ask that you do not rely on our reviews alone in this process.  After all, you are the final jury as to which products flourish in the marketplace.

The most advanced or feature rich product may not always receive our strongest recommendation!  We place more emphasis on the intuitive design quality and the ability of the product to perform extremely well in it's primary functions.  Bells and whistles are a contributing factor to a products overall rating but only after the basics   are well received by our reviewer.

PTL welcomes your comments and suggestions.  We also would like to hear from other reviewers or authors interested in contributing to PTL.

PRODUCT SUBMISSIONS NOW:  OPEN   Please contact us for approval prior to sending anything for review.

Just look for the "Thumbs-UP" logo and the rating value therein.

Rating: VERY GOOD        recommended
Custom Dynamics
Motorcycle Lights
Custom Dynamics
 136 LED brake/running light replacement
Rating: The best LED clusters we have seen!
Product Testing Labs provides unbiased reviews and ratings for some of todays most unusual products.

Immediate riding comfort upgrade!

Verismo Networks
Rating: **** UNDER REVIEW  ****
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Summary:   We are not complete with our review of the VerismoNetworks VuNow media streamer.  It is available both in SD and HD models (HD MODEL UNDER REVIEW).  At an early stage in our evaluation we are happy to report that we are very pleased with the unit and are quite welcoming to the reliability of this unit and how well it functions without a lot of fuss!  It is a solid performer!
Rating: Excellent!  Get one!
Rating: **** UNDER REVIEW  ****
media link
Wireless Media

StreetGlo Reflective Decals and Graphics
In our continuing series of motorcycle conspicuity, we examine the advantages of a bright and noticeable LED tail light assembly from Custom Dynamics.   We are now in the evaluation stage and hope to have a preliminary report available by March 10, 2005

In a category of machines that we routinely discharged from testing,  the Mosquito Magnet was the only machine we tested that actually worked, and boy oh boy, did it ever work.  This machine kills mosquitos unlike any other!
Streetglo reflective decals are incredibly bright.  They will greatly increase conspicuity of a motorcycle rider both day and night, especially if you choose contrasting colors to your helmet or motorcycle.   We give Streetglo reflective decals our top rating(CLICK StreetGlo)
The Butt Buffer is a must-have riding comfort accessory that every biker should have!  Even after hours of riding,  it prevents the worn-out feeling and lets you enjoy what you want most - the long ride! 

(CLICKbutt buffer)
StreetGlo's Boat Lettering

StreetGlo Boat Graphics/Lettering Center
Setting the best standards in boat lettering that is also a lifesaver!

If you are in the market for boat lettering or if you are searching the internet for the very best boat name list, here is one stop that offers the best of both.  Safety Boat Lettering that happens to be exceptionally good looking and sources to pick the very best boat name are at your fingertips with StreetGlo boat lettering
Boat Lettering and Boat Names
streetglo standard reflective boat lettering using gold on black